Welcome to Bites To Eat, I’m glad you found me!  My name is Gina and I started this blog to save and share recipes I’ve developed or tweaked from recipes I use often.  Here you’ll find a variety of recipes that are no fuss, easy to understand and that use simple ingredients you can find at your everyday market.  Making food from scratch has been something I’ve enjoyed since a teen and I often play around with recipes so much so that it seems like things never turn out the same way twice!  Time to change that with the help of this blog.


I live with my husband Geoff and daughter Trinity in Beer City, USA – Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We also have 5 other kiddos that are now out on their own and this is a good place for them to find moms chili or that chicken and wild rice soup they grew up with.  We also have two Shar-Pei’s named Kai and Renji that are happy to taste test mom’s concoctions and clean up any messes.

Yes, the pictures are terrible, but thanks to my awesome sister Amy, I’ll soon be posting higher quality photowp-1486492898655.jpgs.

I will do my best to add estimated calories for each
meal.  For me personally, it’s important that I track what I’m eating, I find it one of the easiest ways to meet my health and fitness goals.  All calories listed are estimated using the website Calorie King.

1479842909737.temp1_.jpgCheck back often as I’m just getting started but will be adding a number of recipes every week.  If you have any questions or ideas for the site, please drop me a line, I’ll be happy to help you out or post a recipe you’ve been wanting to try.

Again, thanks for stopping by and enjoy!